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  • This website came about one spring when we noticed a robin's nest in a tree near our back deck. We were able to easily see what was going on in the nest. We saw chicks being fed and thought how great it would be to have a camera set up to capture it all. Something got at the nest and the chicks had disappeared before fledging. We never saw the adult again. Later, I ordered the equipment and software, then built the birdhouses. Like any hobby, things kept expanding. While we may not get a lot of visitors, we want to present this site in the best way possible. So, you will see changes from time to time.
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    Joan and I first knew each other in the 5th grade, when we entered Grammar School around 1965. Weekly dances were held at the Whitin Gym and like most kids, we were there. We shared a few dances together.
    Years later in 1971, we noticed each other again when I was working in a supermarket and she was shopping with her mother. I gathered enough courage to ask for her phone number and she promptly refused to give it to me. I managed to get her number from her girlfriend and had our official first date a short time later.
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    We were married in 1974 and our daughters Julie and Lisa were born at Rota Spain in 1977 and 1979 while in the US Navy. Today, we live in Woonsocket RI, about 12 miles from that school where we first met. We have 2 grandchildren.

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